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Petrovac (Montenegro)
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The beverage industry Castle Solis particularly emphasizes their environmental friendliness. All ingredients used to produce the brandies and wines are grown in the ecologically clean regions of Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The beverages are free of any dyes, preservatives or fragrances.
Lemons, oranges, dogwood, grapes are manually collected and processed as soon as possible after harvesting.
The honey, which we use for the production of brandy, is of highest quality, collected in the highlands of the Pristine nature.
The herbs for the elixir are collected around the world to create a perfect harmony of taste and health.

Our brandy, wine and elixir are made from grapes grown in ecologically clean coastal regions of Herzegovina and Montenegro. The climate in Herzegovina is ideal for growing grapes: the winters are mild and summers are hot. The whole valley is windy, carrying coolness into the summer heat. In Montenegro, we make wine and brandy from grapes grown in the Tsrmnitskom field located at the Skadar Lake - Nature Reserve Montenegro.

All wines are produced in a classical way without the use of chemicals, dyes, flavors, sugar, etc. in any form.
In recognition of the quality of our wines, we were awarded a silver medal at the last international exhibition in Belgrade.
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+382 68 50 39 50
Castello, Petrovac (Montenegro)